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Conversion of volume. Litres, pints, Gallons etc.
Conversión de volumen. Litros, pintas, galones, etc.

Conversion of volume. Litres to Gallons etc.

You can use this calculator to convert any common volume into any other. On this website we much prefer metric measurements because they are much easier to work with than imperial ones. However sometimes if you are buy a product from another country or make a recipe it may be useful to convert the measurements to other systems.
Choose the amount to convert then the type of measurement to convert from. Change the amount of decimal places if you need to.

How Many

CC (cubic centimetres)
Fluid Ounces
Pints UK
Pints US (liquid)
Gallons UK
Gallons US (liquid)

Round the results to
decimal places

We have only included common volume amounts which you are likely to encounter in daily life such as in cookery and recipes, if you want pecks, jiggers or bushels you won't find them here. A lot of online recipe resourses tend to have pints, fluid ounces etc and converting them to the metric system so that it is easy for people who prefer the metric system is the main purpose of this calculator. Until I made this calculator I did not realise that US and UK pints and gallons were different. There are differences between US, UK and metric teaspoons and tablespoons. Oh my dear how tedious. Here we only use the metric ones because they are much simpler). It's about time the British and Americans started using metric measurements which are so much easier. The metric system was invented by the French and was first used in 1799, during the French Revolution. In the 19th century, the metric system was adopted by almost most European countries.

This page is now smartphone friendly so you will be able to use it while cooking. Don't get flour in your smartphone keyboard!