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When I was a boy I was always doing crazy calculations like How long would it take an ant to walk to London? Or how many potatoes I had eaten in my lifetime or if all the people in China stood on a chair and jumped off at the same time together would it cause a tidal wave in the USA. My original idea behind this site was to make calculators like that. So far most of the calculators have been boringly sensible. I intend to make some more crazy ones soon. The idea behind this site is to make calculators which are very easy to use for interesting or useful calculations. Some of the calculators are very useful, some are educational some are just for fun.

If you want to see a calculator on this site which does not exist already you can request it using the calculation request link above. We never charge anything for making a calculator, it is all free. Below are recently added calculators.
Electrical cost calculator
See how much an electrical device costs to run and compare it to another device so you can see how much money you would save if you change it.
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Get the driving route between any two places
I made this route maker so that I can send a link to anyone in our hiking group to show them how to get to the start of the walk. You can probably do this on a smartphone but I much prefer to do things with a laptop with a normal keyboard. Just type in the name of the start point and destination and a map will appear then click the link to make the link. Then copy the link into an email and sent it.
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Find the difference between two dates.
Calculate the number of days between two dates. This could be used to find out how long you have been married or how long it is since you started something.
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How to dilute liquids to change the percentage of concentration.
I made this calculator to work out how to make up spray bottles of Hydrogen peroxide. From the shop it can come in 3%, 6% or 35% concentrations but I want 3% to spray on my tomatoes. Using this calculator I can make up batches of different concentrations for different purposes.
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Heating water
How long does it take to heat water up depends on the volume of water, the energy used, the starting temperature and the finishing temperature. Here you can calculate how long it takes to heat the water so you will know how long it will be before you can have a shower.
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Currency Converter
Using the currency converter you can convert 83 different currencies. The results come from the European Central Bank so the results are always up to date.
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How old is your dog in human years?
This calculator will allow you to calculate the age of your dog in human years. This is not an exact science and no one formula for dog-to-human age conversion is scientifically agreed on but it gives an approximate way of considering how old a dog is when compared to a human.
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Convert Roman numerals to Decimal numbers
You often see Roman numerals in books or at the end of films or television programs. This converter will help you convert decimal numbers into Roman numerals and viceversa.
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Calculating the requirements for an off-grid solar power system.
Calculating the requirements for an off-grid solar power system It is very important to make good calculations when you design a solar system mainly because it is not possible to mix old batteries with new ones so you have to get it right first time. This calculator will help you calculate your requirements.
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Add days to a date
Add a number of days to a date to find a date in the future.
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How to organise a Car assisted Linear Shuttle Walk ?
If you go on a hike you normally walk back to the start point. If you have some cars you can do a more complicated walk where some of the cars go to the end of the route. This is complicated to organise so we have created this calculator to make this simple.
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Convert volumes such as pints and litres etc.
This caluclator will be very useful for volume conversions when using recipes, medicines, instructions where you need to convert between metric and imperial measurements.
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Calculate how much sugar to add to increase the alcohol in wine
This page is for people who make wine where the original amount of sugar is not sufficient to make a storable wine (minimum 10% per volume) and therefore it is necesary to add sugar (chapitalise).The calculator on this page will enable you to make a fairly rough calculation accurate to within 1% alcohol by volume (ABV).
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How long does the hot water last when taking a shower?
I sometimes have arguments with the rest of my family because there is often not enough hot water for us all to have a shower in the morning. When we all need to have a shower I would like to know how long each of us can spend in the shower depending on the size of our water tank which is 75 litres. Can you calculate how long the water the water will last?
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How much does smoking cigarettes cost?
The cost of smoking calculator will help you calculate how much money you are wasting on this horrible habit. You can see how much you will saved by giving up and see how much you have saved if you have given up.
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Distance Calculator
Calculate the distance between two places.
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Birthday Celebration Calculator
Are you bored of having the same birthday every year? Do you want an excuse for a party? Use our thousand day aniversary calculator to find dates to celebrate.
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Calculate the date of Easter.
The calculation of the date of Easter is very complex, it depends on the full moon and other factors. If you just need to know the dates of Easter to make plans here they are.
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Calculate the size of hard disk needed for video surveilance.
If you install video surveilance you will need to know the size of the hard disk you need. This calculator will work this out for you depending on the amount of cameras, the resolution, the framerate, the number of hours of use per day etc.
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Calculate the distance between rows of solar panels
If you put up rows of tilted solar panels it is very important to make sure than the panels will not shade each other. This calculator will work out the minimum panel spacing to get maximum use of space while avoiding one panel shading another.
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