Finding insolation levels

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It is possible to find the insolation levels of anywhere in the world on many websites. Here are some links

Nasa If you put your latitude and longitude into the form it will output the insolation levels for your area. You can get your latitude and longitude using google Earth. This site is often down.

Solar Irradiance calculator Calculates insolation levels all over the world.

The Simple Model of the Atmospheric Radiative Transfer of Sunshine, or SMARTS

National Science Digital Library - Insolation
San Francisco Solar Map
Insolation map of Europe and Africa
Yesterday‘s Australian Solar Radiation Map
Net surface fluxes of solar radiation including interannual variability
Net surface solar radiation
Maps of Solar Radiation
Solar Radiation using Google Maps
Sample Calculations based on US Insolation Map
Solar Radiation on a Tilted Collector (U.S.A. only) choose "Theoretically Perfect Collector" to receive results for the insolation on a tilted surface
Annual Optimal Orientation of Fixed Tilt Solar Collectors (U.S.A. only)
SMARTS, software to compute solar insolation of each date/location of earth [1]
Solar Radiation and Clouds - A Discussion

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