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Organise Linear Shuttle Walks
Cómo se organiza una caminata de lanzadera lineal

How to organise a Car assisted Linear Shuttle Walk ?


What the hell is a Car assisted Linear Shuttle Walk ?

When you go for a hike or a walk you normally end the walk at the same place as you started.

For the purposes of this calculator we will consider these as "normal walks"
There are four (or more) types of normal walk:
Linear walk
A linear walk is when you walk out to a point and then turn around and come back on the same route.
Circular walk
A circular walk is when you walk around in a circle and you never walk over the same ground twice.
Lollipop or Spoon walk
A lollipop walk is a linear walk at the start followed by a circular section and then a return to the end on the same route as the first part. If this is drawn on a map it looks like a lollipop or a spoon.

A figure of 8 walk
This is two consecutive circular walks. Either part could be clockwise or anticlockwise

Description of a Car assisted Linear Shuttle Walk

There is another type of walk where the end point is different from the start point. For example going from one village to another village. The problem with this type of walk is that you have to get back to the start of the walk. If there is a regular, frequent, bus service that could solve the problem but if not the only solution is to do a "Car assisted Linear Shuttle" . This means that first all the cars arrive at the start point with all the people. All the cars go to the destination point driven by one driver with no passengers. Everybody else waits at the start point for the drivers to return. At the destination point all the driver get in as few cars as possible and drive back to the start point. Then everybody goes on the walk. When everyone gets to the destination point there should be enough cars to get everyone back to the start point.

This is all starting to sound complicated. The human brain is not particularly good at thinking about such complicated logistics. For this reason we have made the Linear Shuttle Walk Calculator.

One of the problems with this system is that there is no agreed name for this type of walk. We have used Linear Shuttle Walk but it could have been any of these. Shuttle Transfer System Walk. Vehicle assisted transfer hike. Half human half car linear transport sytem. Vehicle assisted linear hike. There and back car assisted hike. Linear walk and ride back system. Two leg linear vehicle assisted shuttle walk. Car at both ends linear route. Linear route with car shuffle . Walk there, car back route. Park and ride back walk. Car assisted boomerang walk. Walk out car return hike. Back and forth Linear Shuttle Walk.

The calculator assumes that all the cars have the same maximum people per car. Most family saloon cars have a maxium of 5 and most cars have a maxium of five. If you have one motorcycle and one 60 seater bus then this calculator may not be very useful.
Please fill in the form below with your own values and then click the button to see the results.

Linear Shuttle Walk Calculator

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