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Electrical Cost calculator.
How much does a device cost to use?
Calculadora gastos de luz

How much power does an electrical device use and how much does it cost to run?

We often hear on the news that we ought to be using less electricity but how much electricty do electrical devices use and how much do they cost?

In order to work this out you need to know 2 things:

1. How much the electic company charges you
2. How many watts the device uses

Using the form below you can find out information about the electrical consumption of a device and you can also compare two devices if you want.
Please fill in the form below with your own values and then click the button to see the results.
Device 1 Watts: watts
To find out how many watts a device uses you can look at the label or in the specifications in the instruction leaflet.

The most accurate way of finding out the wattage of a device is to buy a wattmeter. This is a device which you plug into the wall and then you plug your device into. It will show you how many watts is being used in the digital readout.
Kwh: Price per Kwh
To find out how much you pay for electricity look at your electricty bill and see how much they charge per Kwh. (1 Kwh is 1000 watts used for 1 hour). To see the average cost of electricty in many countries Click here.
Hours per day:
How many hours do you use this device per day.
Device 2 Watts: Leave as zero if you don't want to compare 2 devices.
If you change the value of this box from zero, we will compare the use of device 1 and device 2 so that you can see how much you can save. For example you can compare an incandescent bulb and an energy-saving one.