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Dilution Calculator. Calculate how much liquid to add to change the concentration
Calculadora de diluciĆ³n

How to dilute liquids to change the percentage of concentration.


The main purpose of this calculator is to help you find out how much water to add to a solution to change the concentration.

I made this calculator after discovering that hydrogen peroxide is a good organic substance to spray on tomato plants in order to reduce fungal infections such as blight and powdery mildew. Hydrogen peroxide normally comes in 3%, 6% or 35% concentrations. Using this calculator I can make up batches of different concentrations for different purposes. Of course you can use this calculator to work out the dilution of substances in any liquid. Remember not to mix substances together that could have a dangerous reaction for example Bleach and vinegar = Toxic Chlorine Gas.

After you click the submit button it will tell you the amount of liquid you need to add to get your desired concentration.
Please fill in the form below with your own values and then click the button to see the results.

Note: There are four values in the form. Please fill in 3 values. Leave one of them as zero. We will calculate the value of the one which you have left as zero after you press the submit button. The desired concentration cannot be higher than the current concentration.

An Example: Let's say that you have a bottle of 12% hydrogen peroxide solution and you want to make up a spray bottle of 1 litre (1000ml) with a 3% solution. The values you would put are 12, 0, 3, 1000. On the next page it will tell you that you need to put 250 ml of the peroxide solution in the bottle then add 750ml of water. If you do that you will have a 3% concentration. These are the default values in the form.

Dilution Calculator

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