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Birthday celebration calculator.
Calculadora de celebraciĆ³n de cumpleaƱos

Birthday celebration calculator.
The Decimal Birthday System.(DBS)

We normally celebrate birthdays every 365 days on the same day as our birth. However it could be much more interesting to celebrate bigger landmarks in our life such as our 10 thousandth day on Earth. If you need an excuse to have a party you can celebrate with a big party every 1000 days. (about every 3 years) The most significant celebrations come after 27 and 54 years which are the 10,000th and 20,000th days.

This calculator will help you find the interesting landmark dates in your life and give you excuses to have parties all year around not just on your normal traditional birthday. With this new birthday system you no longer have to be restricted to the same day each year. Impress your friends with your originality and thinking out of the box. Invite them out to celebrate your 12000th day on Earth. Why be restricted to celebrating your birthday only every 365 days? (or 366 on leap years)? Why not embrace the decimal birthday system? The age of a car is judged by the amount of kilometers or miles it has travelled, tractors and farm machinery are judged by the amount of hours. So why can't people judge their age by the decimal birthday system (DBS)?

Why be oppressed by the annual year system? Who cares if your age coincides with the angle of tilt of the Earth towards the sun? Each year you are not in the same place in space as you were the previous year because out galaxy is moving at several hundred miles per second towards our neighboring galaxy. Contact you local MP, senator, dictator, sultan or representatives and insist that the DBS system be officially recognized and incorporated into all official documents. Retirement age, age of consent, age for being allowed to drive should all be expressed in DBS. Unlock your full potential, gain friends and influence people, become rich happy and famous, lose weight and get rid of cellulitus say goodbye to flatulence! embrace the DBS system now before we are all doomed. It is never too late!
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